Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying

When I go through my daily routines, I pray.

As I scroll through Facebook, I pray.

While driving to and from events, errands, and appointments, I pray.

The few (sometimes) quiet minutes I find when I shower, I pray.

When I find myself unable to fall asleep, I pray.

When I hear the controversies of the day and contemplate the transition of the nation and its worldwide impact, the only choice is to pray.

Lord, my friends suffer great physical pain. Some face surgery. Some endure because nothing available can solve their ailments. Some battle chronic illness. Some have injuries that cause continuous discomfort, no matter how recent or past the injury occurred.

Lord, my friends suffer enormous emotional turmoil. Some watch as friends have babies, cringe as the news reports higher numbers of abortions, suffer with their own losses or infertility, while waiting for a bundle of joy to call their own. Some silently count their invisible scars, unsure who can be trusted. Some face infidelity that leads to divorce. Others watch as their grown children strive to find a place of their own in the world, yet make many poor choices along the way. Many grieve when children choose to continue on the negative paths instead of returning to Faith. Some care for aging or ailing parents while taking care of the needs of their children as well. Some cannot seem to get rid of the seasonal viruses that attack the bodies of their little ones.

Lord, my friends suffer financial difficulties. They strive to make ends meet. They wonder if they will have enough food for their family. They scrape to pay the utility bills and rent. Often, these challenges begin with personal choices but lead to being stuck in a rut – of debt, of welfare, and of dependence. Unemployment, underemployment, disability, or family issues interfere with finding stability in a job that will meet their needs.

Finally, but most importantly, Lord, my friends fight grave spiritual battles. Some, like me, pray continually for others, pleading for intercession on behalf of others. Some beg for answers in the midst of trial, believing their circumstance unbearable.

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