Homeschooling 101

Comparison is the thief of Joy. When I get in a “My kids are behind” mindset, I shift my focus to the ways they exceed. My job is not to raise people who think like everyone else, regurgitating the popular answer of the day. My job is to give information, encourage a love of learning, apply knowledge, and critically think about the world around us. The best part is I get to do it with them!

I enjoy learning new things. When I prepare lessons, I follow all the rabbit trails and discover so much more than what was taught in school. We GET to look at multiple points of view, not just the current approved textbook. History has multiple “truths” based on the perspective of the eyewitnesses (study any war and you will see this. Each side believes they are the right one. Some truth is present in both points of view). I also get to teach based on my child’s learning style and interests, at their pace. We regroup every week, throwing out what didn’t work and keeping what does. I want the learning process to be fun for them too. Living learning is an education based on action. I look forward to what we learn next!

This year, I’ve been thinking more critically about our unique opportunities as homeschoolers. As my kids struggle with certain things or excel in others, I find myself saying, “What really matters?” Not every child has a talent for advanced math or science. Not every child will (or even should) go to a university. Even if you do not homeschool, YOU are your child’s first teacher. As a parent, YOU are the expert on your child. Listen to them and provide opportunities for them to find their path. We aren’t raising cookie-cutter kids – we are raising uniquely, wonderfully made humans, each with their own abilities, gifts, and talents. 


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