Why I Write

I first and foremost write for myself. Writing is therapeutic for me. Writing gets everything out of my head and allows me to see what’s going on with me from multiple perspectives. When I think someone else might benefit from my words, from what I’m going through, from how I deal with life – I share it. I write to share anecdotes from our lives with family and friends. I write because I feel that writing is one of my talents, and God wants me to use my gifts to glorify Him and help others.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJo9znwP0xE&t=3s

Since this is my space, I get to write about what I want, from my point of view. I’m not minimizing the feelings of others or setting aside their point of view or experience. I don’t make suppositions or assumptions about anyone else’s feelings or experiences. If I include an experience of another, it is because that person openly shares that experience and I obtained permission. I write what I know, and that comes from hours of introspection, prayer, discussion, reflection on God’s Word, and this crazy life. My goal is not to inflict pain, but to present the truth in love.  If, in the process, someone considers a deeper thought, learns something new, finds answers, or is convinced of their need for a Savior, then the bigger part of my mission in writing is met.

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