A week of waves

This week, my friends and I kicked off sharing our Wavemaker Mission with others. Our group grew from 15 to over 300 in less than two weeks, with members all over the world. We are completely awed and humbled by this, as well as driven to continue spreading messages of hope that are clearly needed. You can learn more at www.wavemakerlife.com.

October is typically difficult for me. This one isn’t different, but I’ve had our event to distract me and pour into – there is comfort in sharing your story, knowing you have encouraged someone else. Even so, as the week draws to a close, I am mentally and physically exhausted. Yet, I’ve also learned it is okay to be honest with myself and set firm bourndaries which give me permission to take care of myself. Sometimes that means taking a nap. Other times it means hiding for a little while, either somewhere at home or by running an errand alone. These little breaks help me surf the waves. 

[ctt template=”8″ link=”m29eM” via=”no” ]There is comfort in sharing your story, knowing you have encouraged someone else. [/ctt]

In ballet, Madilynn is learning her dance for the winter performance. She is so excited and learning so much. This week they learned the remainder of the dance  on her Birthday. She declared this to be her favorite part of the day. 

In the least favorite parts of the day, the doorbell rang about fourteen times before 10:00 in the morning, but no one was there. Occasionally our fancy doorbell camera gets dirty or overexcited with the wind. I went outside, cleaned it off, and the incessant ding-donging came to an end. The second least favorite came as we were waiting to merge to get onto the Loop in Lubbock. If you aren’t familiar, this can take a while. Someone pulled up behind me, ran into my bumper a few times, then took off when I pulled into to parking lot. There was no damage to us or the vehicle, but I had a terrified new eight-year-old to calm down before I could get back on the road. I’m grateful that no lasting harm was done.

We fill our weeks with school, friends, and service. My goal as a mom is to teach my children to focus on Loving God by loving and serving people. One way we do this is “Wavemaker Wednesday” (which is a renaming of Ray Higdon’s Wealth Wednesday). My kids’ favorite way to make waves is dollars in diaper boxes or formula cans. This week, I made a note to go with it. In addition to this, we’re also creating 350 “message in bottle” bags for the homeless for Aranza’s birthday. We would love to share Aranza’s Message around the world.