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Dream Like a Turtle

Stick your head out Some folks are easily swayed by the opinions of others. Some are more likely to say, “What other people think of me is really none of my business.” Each must make a choice, to remain stationary or move forward. Did you know that a turtle cannot move unless it sticks itsRead More

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The Magic of Mindset

“Reason” is a more acceptable word for “excuse” When faced with a busy schedule, a new challenge, or confronting the things you don’t want to do, do you come up with a list of “reasons” to avoid action? The more “reasoning” you do, the easier it becomes. In this way, such EXCUSES lead only toRead More


Lessons from Winston Churchill

In our house, we watch a lot of Doctor Who – that is the episodes available for free on Amazon Prime. We enjoy watching a re-watching the Time Lord’s adventures. I get double joy because I use the real life historical places and people to teach our home school history. Several episodes include former BritishRead More