the days are long but the years are fast




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the days are long but the years are fast

SQT: Long Days of Hopping, Cleaning, and Making Memories

I’ve had a week full of long days. Or almost eight months worth… Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Fall 2008 Transitions are full of complications. The rescheduling (or unscheduling?) of our original moving plans aside, other things also seem to be working against us. Because the kids are both growing, and both fiercely independent, the powerRead More

the days are long but the years are fast-

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Toddler Tuesday

Toddler Tuesdays: The Frustrating, The Silly, and The Thing That Makes It Worth the Trouble

Frustrating The past few weeks, bedtime has become a challenge of Olympic proportions. (Maybe I slightly exaggerate). At Grandpa’s house, the kids share a room. This has progressively increased in its problematic possibilities as Madilynn has acquired a greater assertiveness in her independence. For anyone not following along in our journey:Read More

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the days are long but the years are fast-

time is filled with swift transition

Time is filled with swift transition

Though presently, in the midst of waiting for the next adventure, the transition seems very slow. It’s been said, “the days are long, but the years are short”, particularly in regard to life with young children. The past eight years has seemed more like a hundred in many ways. Army time will do that, IRead More