2019 March

stay at home mom

How Strong is your Signal?

Do you crave connection? Are you looking for more from your relationships? As our online presence grows, do we end up losing more of our real life? Facebook messenger keeps me connected to friends and family – extremely vital during my years spent miles or oceans away from home. However, Facebook also harbors drama, whichRead More

stay at home mom

A Library of Friends

I’ve been thinking more and more about how people crave genuine connection. Everyone has a unique story and everyone wants to be heard. Maybe some of our covers are more enticing than others, drawing people to us. Maybe some of our covers are worn and frayed, needing gentle care. Regardless, as the Doctor says, “We’reRead More

stay at home mom

Don’t be the Worm

Sleeping comes naturally to some while more challenging to others. The same is true of waking and getting on with the day. Most people will claim to be either an “early bird” or a “night owl,” though the majority of people seem to be in an in-between “third bird” category. Going to sleep is usuallyRead More


How Smart are you?

When it comes to setting goals, do you make big plans with little follow through? Do you have several To-Do lists but no action plan? When planning for success in any area of life, setting goals aids us in evaluating progress. What if you don’t know how to start? Maybe you have a racing mindRead More


Lessons from Winston Churchill

In our house, we watch a lot of Doctor Who – that is the episodes available for free on Amazon Prime. We enjoy watching a re-watching the Time Lord’s adventures. I get double joy because I use the real life historical places and people to teach our home school history. Several episodes include former BritishRead More