God Remembers Me

Every time we read the words “God remembered” in scripture, it is followed by action. The word used here does not imply that God FORGOT, but rather that God called the person or situation to mind to bring about His promise of redemption at the proper time. If you ever feel abandoned by God, consider how long Noah lived on a boat with only one window and a closed door and only his family and every kind of animal. God didn’t forget Noah, and He’s not forgotten you. Consider how many years Sarah and Abraham waited on a son. Consider how long Joseph lived as a slave in a foreign land. The list could go on. We live in a time of immediate gratification, yet with no sense of urgency in our response to the Gospel, both accepting it for ourselves and sharing it with others. 

When God “calls to mind,” He is fulfilling His purpose at the right time. We like to believe we know what we need and when we need it, but our vision is limited. When we attempt to make things happen in our way and on our schedule, we often make a mess. What if we trusted God enough to allow Him to work? Yes, He can do all things, but He longs for us to ask!

What does God call to mind concerning you? Are you passively waiting or actively seeking? Just like every time God remembered we see His action, every time we read “be still” it is followed by an intentional action of faith. One of my favorite quotes is “When you are waiting on the Lord, do what waiters do: Serve.” 

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