Giving in Grief

Grief is an ever-changing companion that no one wants, yet walks beside many. Some allow that grief to be all-consuming, focusing only on the negative effects of loss. Loss is tragic, not to be minimized, and grief is a process of dealing with that loss. Unlike an illness, grief does not have an end. As we go through the process we change and the effects of grief change, too.

In my own grief journey, I’ve learned that “getting over it” is not realistic and that “dealing with it” happens throughout a lifetime. Some days are easier than others and some days the grief is as heavy as ever. I’ve also learned we can do good in our grief. My friend, Christy does this in an exceptional way, honoring her girls on their birthdays through a local charity. Today, her oldest daughter, Ella, would have turned 20 years old. Ella loved babies and wanted nothing more than to be a mom one day. For her birthday, our ministry group collected donations for diapers for a local charity. I haven’t bought diapers in four years, but this mission was worth doing something special. 

What we do with our grief matters, not just for us, but for all those who might be touched by our journey. Your story is your superpower. You can make ripples or you can make waves. What kind of difference will you make?

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