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The Music of My Heart

If my voice could hold out, I would sing all day every day. I have enjoyed the singing part of church service as far back as I can remember. I can close my eyes and see my child self – singing all the words to all the hymns loudly (and likely not on key, at that time in my life). As I grew up, I learned how to sing “right” in addition to singing the right words. I’ll admit I sometimes make up both, but I try to make it fit and harmonize. Songs are tied to people and places in my memories. Words and music pull at the heartstrings creating emotional responses. These memories make up the music of my heart and the playlist of my life.
We are in a new town, a new congregation. We attended a singing fellowship last night. We don’t all know everything about each other yet. Maybe seeing someone with tears flowing during a song service isn’t new to them. It started with “Farther Along,” which in my mind will always be “Elizabeth’s Song.” Elizabeth could make delicious, beautiful cakes. Her husband would lead this song every time he led singing (which in a small congregation = most Sundays). After her death, we didn’t sing it as often in that congregation. The words of the song are powerful, describing how things in this life may not make sense but one day we will have understanding.
As tends to happen, thinking of one loss triggers thinking of others, including the most recent of my grandmother. Then we sang “All Rise” a beautiful depiction of standing in God’s presence on the Day of Judgment. I often have strong emotions during the chorus, but nothing like when I thought of my grandparents already waiting. If you’d like to hear this song, take a listen here.
In addition to these moments of grieving, we also sang songs that we often sang during home fellowships with our K-town family and one that we learned during the Euro-American Retreat, worshiping with hundreds of other Americans in the heart of Europe.
I can remember where I lived or who taught me many songs. Right now, my children don’t always seem to enjoy singing like their mother, or “allowing” their mother to sing. I do hope that changes and they learn the joy that comes through worship and to Sing and Be Happy.

22 thoughts on “The Music of My Heart

  1. Terri presser

    Thank you for sharing this at Good Morning Mondays. Our family really enjoy music and singing and I really like singing the old solid hymns at church. Music can bring back memories and we have songs that connect deeply to us as well. Blessings

    1. growin49_wp

      If you read through my posts, music is a theme. Usually spiritual songs but even some secular songs are scattered throughout the playlist of my writing. Thank you for the weekly encouragement!

  2. Chari

    I LOVE singing! My little ones do too! We will see if it changes for them in the future lol!

    1. growin49_wp

      Thank you for stopping by. I’m sure in some ways, they will continue to sing, even it their motivation changes!

  3. Jerusha T.

    I love singing too… It just makes me feel so much better. I wish I wasn't awful at it… Then those around me wouldn't mind me doing it either… LoL! – Jerusha,

    1. growin49_wp

      Maybe it isn't as bad as you think? "If anyone is happy, let him (her) sing songs of praise" (it's in the book of James).

  4. Samantha S

    I love listening to music and I sure do try to sing! It is such a part of worship! Hope you adjust well to your new community.

    1. growin49_wp

      "Sing and make a joyful noise" or "Sing and make melody in your heart" – God is listening to what you mean and that is sound and pleasing aroma of your sacrifice. I think we are going to enjoy our new community and hope we get to stay a while.

  5. Emerald Obie

    Music has been in my life since before i was born. My mom was the church choir director and pianist back then. I was then in choirs until I got to college. I love music and christian songs are what move me the most <3

    1. growin49_wp

      Thank you for sharing and stopping by! So wonderful how many relate!

  6. Kandi

    I love to sing! In the car, at home, in church. I love to sing. I haven't sung as part of our worship team, it has been awhile since I have been on a "stage" (I was in show choir in high school) but maybe one day.

    1. growin49_wp

      I participated in choir in college and enjoyed it! You are always on a stage for an audience of one. Glorify and praise Him first!

  7. HungryForGod (Andi)

    as long as God is pleased with our singing (and with our worship 😀 )

    1. growin49_wp

      "We've got to Sing with our hearts," "I'm coming back to the heart of worship," "Listen to our hearts" – We're asking God with our words to judge our hearts, the sacrifice we bring as we sing songs of praise in worship. "We bring the sacrifice of Praise into the house of the Lord." (See: my life is a MUSICAL!)

  8. Brandi Davis

    Okay so I had to laugh at the end there. My girls are always telling my husband and I to stop singing. Especially, if it's a song their daddy is making up. They do love singing themselves but we all know how toddlers get. I to would sing all day every day if I could. God has given me so many reasons to sing.

    1. growin49_wp

      Toddlers, seven-year-olds (mine are 2 and 7). They believe THEY have exclusive singing rights I guess. Thank you for stopping by today!

  9. Susan Jeffries

    Angela, it is amazing how music sparks memories. I find so much comfort in songs and often times find myself humming hyms. I often laugh and say I can't sing, but I can praise!

    1. growin49_wp

      Love that attitude!

  10. Marie

    I love singing and I love singing to the Lord. and I'm glad He doesn't mind a joyful noise!

    1. growin49_wp

      All God's creation has a place in the choir. If we don't praise, the rocks will!

  11. Jen Stults

    Hello! 🙂 I'm your neighbor at Making Your Home Sing Mondays. I can relate to these words about music and resurfacing memories. Certain worship choruses and hymns take me straight back to my missionary kid days! Thanks for sharing this with us and I pray your transition to the new community is smooth. 🙂
    Jen @ Being Confident of This

    1. growin49_wp

      Hello, neighbor. I'm a p.k. so we have some other things in common too probably. Glad you stopped by and enjoyed sharing some memories today.

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