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SQT: The Sticky, Holey, Delicious, and Exciting

     This week is full of ups and downs. I am struggling a little to remain positive for this installment of seven quick takestakes, because the down part is so big. However, I am determined to accentuate the positive, rather than give the devil a foothold by dwelling in the negative (which is aRead More

Ten things Tuesday

Not on this Blog

Time for a Tuesday 10 Post. This week, our hostesses chose the topic “Ten Posts I will NEVER Write.” Here are a few things you can expect never to see on this blog. Anything related to the bedroom relationship between my husband and me. Not because I am a prude, but because I believe certainRead More

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The Power of Thunder

I enjoy watching lightning and listening to thunderstorms. I marvel at the differences in storms between the flat plains of Texas, the mountains of Colorado, or the countryside of Germany. On occasion, I gazed over the horizon as a wall cloud formed, unable to look away. This seemed particularly foolish from my third-floor apartment during anRead More