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Our Allergy Story

UPDATE: Four Years after the original post, I’ve edited this with the latest information and new resources. You can also join us in our kitchen here. Hello. My name is Angie and I’m a mother of allergic children. The struggle started early in my mothering career, during a time when I functioned as a singleRead More

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Small Changes Save Lives

About five years ago, we learned the cause of our son’s violent rejection of many meals: an egg allergy. Many changes occurred in our home. Everything about the way food was prepared changed. I read every label, sometimes two or three times in the store and again at home. I became brand loyal out ofRead More


Egg Free Donuts

After the great donut allergy meltdown, I promised Dietrich I would make him some safe donuts after we moved into our new home. Getting “settled” enough to fulfill that promise was the challenge. I have this adorable mini-donut pan, with makes just the right size donuts for the kids to have three or five and Mommy doesn’t feelRead More