Weighing the Days

I could complain about being tired… again.
I could exasperatedly tell you how Dietrich keeps putting things in his mouth that are not food though he did not go through this stage when he was a baby/toddler. These things include but are not limited to remote controls, feet, clothing, and furniture.
I could fuss in much the same way Madilynn does when it is time to go anywhere or do anything. Her stubborn refusal to wear clothes, shoes, and walk out of the door on her own make her the new poster child for the Strong-Willed Child (remind me to call Dr. Dobson about that).
I could sigh in defeat that though Peter’s new schedule offers the predictability of a somewhat 8-5 day, the training time period offers no flexibility, especially when the bulk of that training is happening in the larger headquarters office, an hour away.
I could commiserate with every other stay-at-home mama about the witching hour as my children demand snacks then refuse to eat supper, Madilynn screams through whatever activity both kids chose right before getting sweet and snuggly, or either child changing their mind about said activity.
However, I’m trying to be more positive. Instead of grumbling about all that isn’t going quite right, I am going to share my joy over the things going well.
Dietrich and I made a to do list with his daily tasks. This list even includes the simple things like getting dressed and eating breakfast before any screen time. His attitude the past couple of days has been much better overall. He is apparently a list person, like his mama.
Madilynn knows some of her letters and numbers by sight. She does not play the identification game on demand as well as I’d like. Most importantly, she knows the letter M, and everything that starts with M is “Madilynn.”
Dietrich’s memory never ceases to amaze me. He told me all about symbiosis because he saw it on Octonauts. We look up things in our World Books when he asks questions. It’s so much fun for both of us to learn together.
I am participating in a new collaborative creative blog called BluSky. My first post ran today and my second will run next week. They will be posted here in the next few days after I do some more editing and add photos.
We are starting to feel at home in our new town. Through a homeschool social media group, I just made a play date for later this week.
We’ve visited two congregations and like both of them. Decisions that come only with first world problems and living in the Bible Belt.
The good truly does outweigh the bad. All in all, the bad isn’t so terrible, just exhausting.