Walking in the Sand

Spending time in Hawaii means daily trips to the ocean. Daily trips to the ocean means walking through the sand to find a place to “set up camp” before playing in the water. Walking through the less wet sand gives the leg muscles quite the workout. I struggled with my balance and felt really tired before we even made it to the water. Closer to the shore, the wetter sand is firmer, creating a smoother surface. Smoother but impressionable. As you walk along the coast, you leave footprints in the sand. Obviously, I remembered the poem.

Due to the weather and the time of day, the waves grew bigger and moved further inland. Footprints disappeared almost before taking the next step. I thought, “That is so like God! He erases our missteps when we choose to follow Him!” While past steps lead us to our present, the past does not dictate the future. Each day we choose whom we will serve. Each day is a choice to follow selfish desires or walk with God. Each day offers new temptations to pull us off the path, but also continuing opportunities to hold firmly to the Hand of God.