Three Years

Three years ago…
We left friends, family, and the familiarity of life in the U.S.
We arrived in Germany, in the rain.
We were expecting a baby, a baby we would never hold.
Two years ago…
We welcomed Madilynn into our home and our hearts.
Peter took leave from his assignment in Turkey, only to once again leave an 11-day-old baby.
My parents came to help during that time as well.
One year ago…
We survived a government shutdown.
We were able to celebrate Madilynn’s first birthday (late) together.
We are getting ready to leave Germany.
We will be in Temporary Lodging on Madilynn’s birthday.
As of this writing, we do not know our next destination.
However, we remain steadfast in our faith, knowing that God has a plan for us.
We prayerfully hope He lets us in on that plan soon.