This Transitional Life

Peter ended his career with the military on November 1, 2014. Since that time, we’ve been in a state of transition. I’ve referred to that often in my writing though maybe I haven’t been overly specific with the ins and outs of this transitional life.


A long time ago, I heard a story about a farmer who wished for a week of Sundays. Sundays were a day of relaxation, no grinding work, and enjoying worship with the family. (I cannot find this story online, so I’m going only from my memory). By about the third Sunday in a row, the preacher’s sermons were starting to lack, the farmer’s chores in desperate need of attention – the poor milk cow was ready to explode. The farmer learned that days off are better once in a while and that some work has to be done every day.

As a child, I looked forward to visits with my extended family. We lived in Virginia for many years, and family visits involved a 2-3 day journey to Texas/Oklahoma for a week or two of vacation (I also never realized that my mom never really had a “vacation” until I became one, but that’s a post for another time). One year, my dad had an angioplasty and our vacation was extended, not the ideal circumstance for a longer visit.

As we stay with my father-in-law and make trips about once a month (at least that’s the current pattern) to my parents, I see my children – well, Dietrich more than Madilynn – being torn between wanting to stay longer with Gramsy and Granddad but enjoying living at Grandpa’s house. However, for the stay-at-home mom, this is like a never-ending vacation (except I still have to do all my jobs) and developing a routine during this month of Sundays is a challenge I haven’t met with success. I pray that I am instilling the important lessons: That God has a plan for us, that we trust Him to provide, and that we will go where He sends.