Ten Things Tuesday: Accentuate the Positive

I have not done this for a while, so it is time for a TEN THINGS TUESDAY. Today’s list is simply ten positive things about the day. These might range from silly to serious. Ending the day on a positive note seems better than dwelling on the negative. As the old song says:

  1. I passed a really difficult level of Bubble Witch that I’ve been stuck on for weeks.
  2.  I received a call that our household goods are local. We will receive them next Monday. The transitional life is almost over.
  3. I think I’m over half-way packed. It’s a difficult thing to judge when you have random things in several rooms.
  4. Dietrich is learning and improving in his math and reading on a nearly daily basis (in spite of fighting me on a daily basis). I am going to continue “tweaking” our system to get consistency out of him though, as soon as I completely figure out the pattern.
  5. Madilynn is growing more independent. Today she wanted to help sweep.
  6.  Facebook’s “on this day” feature reminded me that last year, I went to Dachau Concentration Camp with Jennifer. While part of the day was somber, I enjoyed spending time with my dear friend.
  7. I received an invitation to participate in another blogger’s Summer Features. In looking through my posts/pictures to find what I needed, (because the post will need some editing), I relived many fun moments of travels through Europe.
  8. An elder at the local congregation in our new town has already asked to contact/meet us. It helps that we know his son and daughter-in-law. Even so, it’s a nice feeling to know someone in a town of strangers is reaching out to you.
  9. Though Madilynn is not napping, she is going right to sleep after I tuck her into bed.
  10. Taco Tuesday. I think we started doing this some in Colorado, but much more often in Germany since Mexican food was hard to come by. Not that my tacos are Mexican, or even that spicy, especially when I’m only cooking them for the kids and me.