SQT: Visiting family, friends, prairie dogs, and road runners

Does anyone else feel that June has been incredibly long? I am glad this is the last full week of June. Here are this week’s Seven Quick Takes.
I am finally done unpacking boxes! In some ways, things feel a little more cluttered and cramped since we are in a smaller space than we used to be. Even so, I’m glad to be settled. I can also now show you my living room, office area, and dining room. I did my best to get these pictures to be not so dark.
I officially started using my social work license again this week. As society becomes more mobile, the medical and mental health arena adds new methods to meet people’s needs. One way is through online counseling. I’m excited about this opportunity to work from home and the flexibility of such a platform. I also enjoy the challenge of using more parts of my brain.
We’ve enjoyed my parents visiting this week. Such visits always seem too short. I was glad to see them for fun instead of for a funeral, like last week. Though my mom will likely be “burying” her laptop, as the screen cracked. I sent them home with my old one that has a good screen but a fried hard drive.
My dad is a baker in addition to being an amazing minister. Dietrich enjoys helping him. On this visit, they made cinnamon rolls and biscuits. Here you can see our kitchen helper and how he’s grown.
When we moved to our new hometown, we knew we’d be seeing some friends from Germany fairly regularly because their families still live here. This week they also are visiting. We met up for a park play date. The kids had so much fun playing together again (though there is one more than last time we met).
We went to Prairie Dog town and Chick-fil-A in Lubbock, to see my parents on their way. When I was leaving the parking lot, I decided to take a detour to show the kids – mostly Dietrich – where Peter and I met and went to college. Lubbock and LCU have changed so much! The fountain is brand new this year and the bird was added a few years after we graduated.

If you ever have a military move, or any move, or file a claim of any sort, asking for a status update is pointless. They will simply tell you, “We have XX days to respond” and provide you with no new information. I really want June and the issues with this move to be over with already!