SQT: Mostly about Insurance Issues

Though I am catching up and I did more writing this week, I’m still feeling incredibly behind. Maybe that is the definition of life as a mom. Without further stalling, here are this week’s Seven Quick Takes.



Dietrich participated in a summer reading program at church. Though we have only been here a month and a half, he’s read 15 books (they get a prize for every five books read). Sunday was the end of the program Banana Split party. Madilynn tagged along.


The “on the day” feature on Facebook took me down memory lane this week with videos of barely four-year-old Dietrich saying prayers and singing songs. This time was bittersweet as the videos were made while Peter was in Turkey.


I am attempting to write about military life for a submission for a possible upcoming Chicken Soup book. The combination of the videos and remembering Peter boarding a plane when Dietrich was 11 days old really deflated my spirits. I am so thankful he is home with us now.


Insurance in the military pays everything at 100%. This is a wonderful benefit. I didn’t truly appreciate this benefit until I had to pay for an EpiPen with a copay. Our share of the cost on our insurance was just over $80. I had no idea…


The military’s insurance program, Tricare, has many rules. Some of these rules are a hassle. Some ended up working to our advantage. For example, when a referral is made, the doctors on base/post are the first choice but they often have limited availability or only see active duty. An additional rule is that when a referral is made, the patient has to be seen by the specialist within a certain number of days. For Tricare, this was in the two-week limit. My point… I’m still impatiently waiting on Madilynn’s referral for an allergist.


On Monday, I received a call that Dietrich had a follow-up appointment with the urologist. I called them, explained that we had new insurance and I knew nothing about this appointment. They confirmed that I would need a new referral and offered to check that the doctor really needed to see us again – which, of course, he does. I scheduled Dietrich’s seven year well child visit and will continue to wait on referrals. At least the family doctor requested the allergist see both kids at the same time.


We’ve had some various concerns about Dietrich and possible hearing issues. He passed a hearing screening, proving that he simply chooses not to listen. Having that confirmation might be more irritating than helpful.

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