Putting My Pins to Use

If you are like me, you have hundreds of pins with most of them merely in the “good idea” category. Over the past couple of weeks, I decided to try at least one “pin” a week. So far, this project has been very successful (and delicious!). Here is a review, along with links of my first successes.

My husband loves Chinese food (the buffet kind, usually the more disgusting to me, the more he likes it). I, on the other hand, prefer “fancy” Chinese food (P.F. Changs) or lots of veggies and very little grease to my homemade variety. I found this recipe for slow cooker honey chicken and served it with brown rice (and broccoli for myself). Not only did my husband love it, my four-year-old asked for more rice with the sauce! Typically, he wants nothing to do with rice – or seconds (except on desserts).

Being from Texas, then transplanted first to Colorado then to Germany, we miss our Mexican food. Granted, we have found adequate substitutions, but nothing really compares to authentic Tex-Mex. “Taco night” has been a regular part of our weekly menus almost six years. I found this adaptation and loved it! The portion control aspect, the kid-friendly aspect, the yum factor all combine to make this a great discovery for our family.

Last week, I made Chicken Roll Ups – The only thing I didn’t find satisfactory was the crescents didn’t get done enough in the cooking time specified. I will adjust that better for next time. Or maybe it has to do with cooking in a German oven which measures temperature in Celsius, not Fahrenheit.  To shred the chicken, I used this tip and will probably shred all chicken this way in the future. Amusing tidbit: The chicken mixture reminded me of something a friend in college made up to survive the terrible cafeteria food consisting of canned chicken, miracle whip, seasoned salt, and garlic powder – sort of a “poor man’s chicken salad”. Good times.

I also tried this new way to do pot roast. The juice/ gravy left wasn’t quite thick enough for us, but the roast was perfectly tender and delicious. I will likely add cream of mushroom and a few more spices next time.

Finally, this morning I made Doughnut Muffins for ladies’ Bible study and because I love to bake. This one was probably my favorite experiment. I didn’t do the glaze and I replaced the eggs with sour cream so my four-year-old could eat them as well. Scrumptious!