Praying in the Cold

As the weather changes and the temperature begins to cool, grief looms at the doorway. Sometimes he intrudes in every room of the house. Other times, he takes up residence somewhere visible, knowing he can be seen yet without making a scene. Very rarely, he spills out from every opening, demanding attention.

♫ It’s a cold, cold world that we’re walking through, lay down the burden of your heart.

Grief isn’t the enemy, but the enemy will use the pain of this burden to distract and cripple the believer. The enemy wants me to wallow in my grief and forget about the living. The enemy wants me to walk the path alone, broken and forever sad. The enemy tells me overcoming loss is an impossible task and I should give up.

But it’s warm as toast walkin’ two by two, lay down the burden of your heart. ♫


I do not listen to the enemy, nor do I walk the path alone. In the deepest cold of my sorrow, I cry out and pray to my heavenly Father. He provides comfort through His presence, through His Word, and through the people He places in my life.

♫ It’s a fine, fine line betwixt love and hate, Why, it’s tough to tell the two apart. But you’ll know it’s love that He offers you, Lay down the burden of your heart. ♫


As the weather changes and temperature begins to cool, joy warms every room. It smells like pumpkin spice. My loss will always be a part of my story, my grief will be an unending circle, but the burden is lighter. The rough edges get smoother as the years pass though occasionally a splintered point will unexpectedly jab my heart.


♫ Lay down the burden of your heart, I know you’ll never miss it. Show your Father where it hurts, And let your Father lift it.

Though sometimes an hourly occurrence, I give my burden to the One strong enough to carry it. He heals me, yearly or daily or hourly – whenever I need Him. My grief is not too big for Him and He is able to carry me through.

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Song Lyrics from Acappella “Lay Down” from the Better than Life Album
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