Our New Place: The good, the loud, and the sneezy

Even though we did not receive our household goods, we got our keys and sort of moved into the apartment this weekend. I’ve already been to the Wal-mart in my new hometown three times in two days, so it feels like home.

Our apartment manager is friendly and has been amazing to work with this past month. Meeting him in person only amplified those positive impressions. Because of our special circumstances, we were given the key although not all cleaning and maintenance had been completed. The latter turned out to be a blessing because the maintenance man helped my father-in-law maneuver the washer and dryer into the kitchen (by first moving the refrigerator).

For a few years now, I’ve been using more natural cleaning options. We also didn’t have carpet in Germany. Several years ago, I figured out that something in commercial carpet cleaners causes allergy problems for me. We slept on an air mattress on the floor. I sneezed the entire stay. Madilynn was bare legged on the floor for about an hour or two and broke out. Dietrich’s eyes started bothering him. I’m going to have to vacuum before we really move in to get some of the chemicals out.

And speaking of air mattresses… we borrowed one for Dietrich. It had a hole. At first he thought it was funny to lay down in a bed that was hugging him. I heard a thud. He decided it wasn’t fun. Peter was on call this weekend and ended up being called, so Dietrich spent most of the night on our air mattress and moved to the floor next to me when Daddy finally returned at 4:30 in the morning.

The noises: birds chirping, cicadas whining (I think that’s what it was, thanks to google and youtube searching), cars driving by, wind rustling the trees, and the sounds of the apartment made for a loud first night. I am hopeful it quiets down once we get some black out curtains hung.

Our drive back to my father-in-law’s house was very wet, but we made it safe and sound.