Memories and Looking Forward in Prayer

The past few days flooded my heart and mind with memories. I witnessed my dear friend and twice college roommate (we did not room together all four years, in other words) marry the man of her dreams. Being present for her on this day a little more than eight years after she did the same for me enclosed the circle of our friendship (though I do not believe our journey is over. We cannot get rid of each other so easily). After arriving “home” at my parents’ house following the wedding, I wrote the following:

A few weeks ago, everyone buzzed about “love wins,” but today, love won for my dear friend and college roommate, and occasional partner in crime, Beverly. Today she married the love of her life, the one she waited for, sometimes not so patiently, the one who loves her more because of all she has experienced. Together they will finish their lives on this earth as Mr. and Mrs. Together they will seek God and find His will for their lives. May God bless their adventure!

I thought this might be our first reunion since my own wedding, but she corrected me. She visited me not long after Dietrich’s birth. I blamed mommy brain for my forgetfulness.


Other floods of precious memories involve how fast children grow. The way they learn every day and their memories amaze me. I do not know anyone else’s experiences, only my own. Dietrich comes up with things from when he was two or three years old, that are not part of everyday conversation, yet he remembers them in full detail. Madilynn seems to be on the same track.

We pulled out the wading pool at my parents’ house and I finally, “sort of,” captured the shot I wanted to compare then and now. Most of the day, the kids do like each other and play well together. Other times, they peaceably occupy the same space, playing separately. Occasionally, they pick at each other and squabble terribly. At the end of the day, I know they love each other and will always take of each other (that is my prayer for them).


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