Manic Monday: Home school, Day 1

Today begins our official time as homeschoolers. As this picture indicates, I organized, planned, and had an idea in mind for how I wanted this day to go. However, my expectations for this first day of school were too high. We’re going to need some time and a whole lot of grace to figure this thing out and get into a rhythm.

The plan is to begin each day with a Bible lesson, reinforce the same lesson for a week at a time. Aside from the basics of writing, reading, and math, I’m going to attempt to teach him other subjects based on his interests. Lately, he’s been asking about bugs – because we live in Germany with no central air and no screens on the windows, bugs come into the house. We have the World Book set so I pulled out the book on bugs for us to learn together. I won’t bore any readers with daily reports, but on this first day, I struggled. Perhaps my next report we will have found our groove.