Life is a Match 3 game

In one of my 14-day video challenges, I compared life to a Match 3 game (Candy Crush, Bejeweled, or my current obsession Matchington Mansion). You can watch that video or keep reading.

Sometimes, in games or in life, we get stuck. Being stuck in a game is a small problem, however frustrating it may seem, it’s not life altering. When you feel stuck in real life, well, that’s a different matter. Not all “stuck” situations are created equal, but all provide opportunities to learn and grow. My initial video had three strategies, but I’ve added an extra to the end of this post.

1. Take a Break

When you are looking at problem, focusing on the obstacle, it’s much more difficult to see the solution. Taking your focus off the problem, distracting yourself with something else, clears your vision. Get busy doing something else – tackle your to do list, volunteer, or visit a friend.

2. Change something

We are creatures of habit and tend to do the same things in the same ways day after day. In a game, this might mean making a different first move. In life, it may mean changing up something in your routine or adding something new.

3. Seek help

Many games give you tools to help you. These come in extra handy on extra difficult levels. In real life, tools may be in the form of self-help books, training calls, education, counseling, talking to a friend, or my favorite the study of scripture and prayer time.

4. Your (last) move

Many times, I’ve cleared a level on my very last move, with my very last life. Sometimes, this is completely by accident. Life is that way too. Sometimes things come together in a way you don’t expect. Don’t underestimate your actions. Set out to make ripples and become a wave maker.