Journey in a Fortnight

This month, I joined a friend in a 14 day challenge, going “live” on Facebook every day for two weeks. Earlier in the year, she invited me to a training group for network marketing called Rank Makers, led by Ray Higdon. I’d already learned a lot, but the 14 day challenge stretched me even further.

While I’ve used the Live feature in my customer group and on my business page, I very rarely go live on my personal profile. I’ve become more comfortable doing live videos for my general audience, but I’ve also become more aware of the type of content I post. I want to be intentional, posting content with value. Sharing every meme that I find funny may not really be the most effective use of my time. I care about genuine connection with my friends and followers. Getting a sale isn’t as important to me as meaningful conversation. I love people. I love to share in their stories and provide support when needed.

I went on this journey with my friend, because every road trip is more fun with a buddy. We encouraged each other and held each other accountable. I grew more intentional in my online life. Living your best life, whether on or offline requires intentionality. Using Ray’s strategies, I generated several conversations with friends – some I haven’t spoken to in years. New conversations that create better, deeper relationships. If those conversations lead to sales, great, but my focus is the journey.