Everyday Celebrities

When Famous Person dies, everyone hears about it within hours of the first rumor. Social media explodes with the news. Fans are outraged. Comedians make jokes. Colleagues recount a favorite memory. Family members offer a statement but suffer alone in their grief.

BUT the world is full of people who are celebrities to their family, friends, churches, and communities. Extraordinary people living ordinary lives. These people often receive little fanfare in life or in death. Yet those nearest to them grieve deeply, beyond Oscar Worthy. Bigger than Life, ordinary celebrities die every day, unnoticed by the masses.

I am not minimalizing the deaths of celebrities in 2016 or any other year. I am asking that we remember that they were people. Often, we don’t know the celebrity personally – even if we’ve had an opportunity to meet them and get an autograph. Their lives, even when broadcast in the media, do not touch ours. However, each of them is a parent, child, sibling, friend, etc. to someone grieving in a much more personal way than those who consume the media.

I am encouraging each of us to celebrate the celebrities in our own lives while we have them and honor those who’ve passed on by living each day to the fullest. Learn something from every experience. Find the positives even in the worst of days. Leave behind the baggage of the past so you have room for what the future can bring.