Confessions of a Direct Sales Addict

Hello. I’m Angie and I’m a direct sales junky. I realized this a few weeks ago in looking around at some of my favorite things. My addiction hit my all-time high this week when I added a third consultancy to my own list of direct sales businesses. Shopping online has amazing benefits: no one is bugging you at the store, you aren’t trying to beat food/nap/bathroom needs of children (or yourself), if someone is having a tantrum no one else is really affected…. Direct sales shopping offers this and sometimes a little extra with completely unique products or superior products (with a better warranty or guarantee than stores offer).

My personal links will be included for the companies for which I am a consultant. For others, I will have a friend’s information listed.

  1. Pampered Chef. From stoneware to butter knife, the new Rock Crok to
    Pampered Chef Stoneware
    Oven “fried” cheesy chicken strips on the large bar stoneware pan

    cheese slicers, or liquid/solid measuring tools all-in-one, these kitchen tools rank highest in my kitchen (besides my Keurig, crock pot, or new Ninja Blender or my pans from Germany). The stoneware cooks evenly and cleans easily. The Rock Crok can be used in the oven, on the stove, or in the microwave (makes spaghetti in the microwave in less than 20 minutes, including the sauce). Sherril, our preacher’s wife, and one my already dearest though newer friends, is a consultant and would be delighted to help you with your kitchen wish list!

  2. Thirty-One. These bags… no more than bags: Storage solutions, organization tools, and adequate accessories. I have fold-and-files for all business and homeschool things, utility totes for storage or taking massive amounts of things to events (like potluck with our congregation). My friend from college, Allison, teaches third grade in Texas. She also has a personal situation toward which all extra income is going. I know she would love to be your Thirty-One girl and appreciate your purchases.
    Thirty-one Utility Totes
    Storage Utility Totes and Organizing Utility Tote to perfect hold all of my gift bags, boxes, and tissue paper


  3. Young Living Essential OilsYoung Living Essential Oils. I’ve been using essential oils since we lived in Germany. In Europe, you can access pure therapeutic oils in the pharmacies. In 2014, I signed on with Young Living, which incidentally adheres to European standards concerning oil safety. You can read more about my story here. We are not against modern medicine, but we do believe God has given us means to take care of and heal our bodies through His wonderful creation. The pure aroma of these oils, either topically or aromatically in a diffuser, creates a safe, uplifting, and clean way to add fragrance for your home. For many years, I had and used candles. For many years, I had severe headaches. Only recently did I connect the two, and now I know without a doubt that I won’t go back.
  4. Lilla Rose. My hair is thick and often difficult to Lilla Rose Hair Accessoriesmanage. At one time it was fairly long, but the hair headaches caused my plastic claws and rubber bands (or the fashion faux paus scrunchie) led to me cutting it just above shoulder length around May every year. Lilla Rose flexiclips come in seven sizes. They are made with piano wire, allowing them to “flex” over the hair. Best of all, they lay flat so you can sit back in the car, movies, or your favorite chair without hurting your head! Besides having seven sizes, they also come in many beautiful designs. Each unique hair solution is handmade.
  5. Norwex. The newest addition to my direct sales “illness” is Norwex. By using microsilver embedded microfibers, Norwex products safely clean many surfaces in the home by just adding water. During my teen years, one of my chores included cleaning the bathroom. This is a dreaded chore for most people, but I had an extra special disdain for it. Every spray cleaner made me sneeze and gave me a headache. At some point, disinfectant wipes came along, which helped decrease my sneezing, but often still left me with a headache. After I became a mom, I started really looking at the commercial cleaners and started phasing them out and making my own less toxic versions. Then I discovered Young Living’s Thieves line and eliminated nearly every other commercial product from my home. When I attended my first online Norwex party, I was intrigued. I booked a party of my own, and received a free gift for doing so. I immediately went to work using my new Envirocloth and I will never go back. This one cloth cleans everything, with only water – even “set in” coffee rings or spaghetti sauce splatter! Contact me through Facebook for more information and an invite to my Launch Party this week!

    “Clean” does not have a smell… Just add water Copyrighted image from Norwex


For my businesses, I am ready to share or host a party for you. Each page provides contact information and I’ll be glad to help you (and I know my friends will be too). HOWEVER, if you have a consultant – especially one who takes good care of you – for any one of these, remain loyal to her (him). This is not an exhaustive list of all direct sales companies, or even of all companies from which I’ve purchased. This list is about the products I use the most often to make my home a safer, healthier, more efficient space.

What about you? Do you have a Direct Sales problem? Which ones are your favorite?