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A new and different kind of Joy.

Our congregation planted a tree in honor of our elder. The children of the church helped pile the dirt over the roots. The grandchildren of our elder watered the soil and (with assistance) lowered the tree into the hole. This was an emotional few minutes. My sweet Madilynn (who I don’t take my eyes offRead More


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rainbow baby

Bright Birthday Wishes for Our Rainbow

  Once upon a time, I dreamed of having a little girl who looked just like me. Three years ago, that dream began coming true. I didn’t see it right away, but every day since, I see more of me reflected back in my sweet Rainbow Baby, Madilynn Janet. Like her namesake grandmother, Janet Lynn,Read More

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Your children are your talents

Last week, we attended the 50th Euro American Retreat in Rothenburg, Germany. We spent four days singing praises to God, learning deeper lessons on Renewing, Reflecting, and Remembering, and hearing from missionaries doing His work all over Europe – all in the beautiful backdrop of a medieval village. On the last full day of theRead More