Before this Blog: Episode 1

This week’s Ten Things Tuesday Post gave me the opportunity to look through some old pictures. This task involved CD’s of pictures from previous computers and even scanning a few pictures that I do not have in digital format. I have so many wonderful memories from the past ten years that were before the life of this blog – before my marriage and children. I hope you enjoy this installment of “Before this Blog.” 

  1. During graduate school, I lived with my grandparents. Afterward, I continued attending the same congregation with them. I will always cherish the time spent “growing up” with them.

    Chicago 015
    Taken at Navy Pier in Chicago
  2. My cousin had her first baby in 2004. Both she and her husband taught and coached at two different high schools at the time. I spent so much time with my little cousin, as I became a third caregiver, picking him up one day a week when the seasons overlapped, and sometimes more often if they needed it. I look at that almost 11-year-old now but often still see the baby/toddler version, even more so than I do with my own kids.2015-09-010
  3. My baby sister graduated Valedictorian from high school in 2005. Besides when she started driving, this moment stands out as one where I realized she was not a little girl anymore. In the 10 years that have passed since, our relationship has grown into more than “just sisters” – we are also friends.To Use with Picasa1-002
  4. I went with my friend Jennifer to see/hear/meet Dennis Jernigan for the first time on New Year’s Eve 2005 in Oklahoma City.To Use with Picasa2-001
  5. My brother (finally) graduated from college in 2007. Our family went to Chicago for the event. We stayed for a few days, taking in some sites like the Sears Tower, a museum, and the aquarium. We took advantage of public transportation and enjoyed several local cuisine offerings. Most of all, we celebrated as a family – three generations!To Use with Picasa1-001

When looking back at time in pictures, one more easily sees that the days may seem long, but the years do pass quickly. What a blessing these years have been!