Arguments That Never Die

Do you have any long-standing, never-ending arguments? Maybe you enjoy stirring the pot and keeping the feud going day after day, year after year. Today is “Kiss and Make Up Day.” In that spirit, here is the Top Ten Arguments That Never Die in the Caswell Clan.11082477_10152817039874779_1723944327992927811_o

  1. The who kissed whom first Peter insists I kissed him first. I refuse to acknowledge or concede on this ridiculous notion. He remembers so many things incorrectly, but I will NOT ever let him have this one.199922_5241594778_9413_n
  2. The correct way to fold towels. I fold them long ways first, he folds them short ways first. They fit better MY way (and you do not have to completely unfold them to hang them on the shower rod).
  3. The correct setting for the thermostat. I often give in on this one and turn it down when he is home, because it is easier for me to put on a jacket and get a blanket (even if it is a hundred degrees outside). When he is not home during the day, I typically do not run the air as much and no one really complains.
  4. Similarly, he likes the “moving air” of a fan but also wants to steal the covers. I do not like to be hot when I sleep, but I also do not like the air blowing right on me. He completely wins in this one, and I pile on extra blankets and make a fort like structure with them around my head because I do not like the air blowing over my ears and face.
  5. He thinks leaving chargers plugged in and not attached to anything is okay. I do not. I am not sure who is right, but it sort of goes along with the next one.
  6. I am a firm believer in a “place for everything, everything in its place.” If anyone else around here believes that, they have a different place in mind for everything than the place it goes.
  7. Dietrich constantly argues, “I wanna do what I wanna do!” concerning almost everything. Consequences do not seem to change this behavior. Spending more one-on-one time with him does not seem to make a difference. Rewarding positive behavior does not reinforce it the next day. We are in a strong-willed holding pattern.
  8. Madilynn likes to answer “no” to every question. This ranges from funny and cute to annoying and exasperating. Are you ready to eat breakfast? No. What would you like to do today? No. Let’s get dressed. No. Put on your shoes so we can leave. No. Is your name Madilynn? No.
  9. Whether or not to watch something while eating meals. We used to do this All. The. Time. However, we reached a point where the kids took two hours to eat a meal because they were not focused on eating the meal. Peter would still prefer to watch something with supper every night. I prefer to have no distractions because even without the TV Dietrich can make one bite of food last 30 minutes.10341577_10152135654889779_601122738376686281_n
  10. Dietrich used to enjoy going places and doing things with me. Madilynn used to enjoy riding in the shopping cart. Now when I say, “Today is grocery day.” Dietrich protests. Madilynn spends the first half of the trip through the store telling me all the ways she does not want to ride in the shopping cart but wants to walk. I try to make these outings fun and let the kids help – even with the meal planning – but I arrive home from these trips ready to send everyone to bed until the next morning. Yes, they are little, and these days will go fast. I do have times I enjoy, even in the midst of the difficulties. I certainly could do without this weekly (sometimes more often, but I do try to do weekly meal plans) battle of wills.398212_10151119374989779_1960736854_n

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