Another Manic Monday: Returning to “normal”

On our way home from my sister’s house, about 30 miles away, I noticed the cloud in front of me resembled a Dr. Seuss character. If you don’t see it also, we’ll just chalk it up to my overtiredness from the long week and longer drive.
After returning home from the five to seven-hour road trip, part of me wanted to put everyone to bed and crash myself. However, it was only 5:00 and people wanted to eat. After getting the kids in bed, I begin hearing the chirping that can only be a dying smoke detector battery. The battery seemed to only be loose and I pushed it in and reset the device. Being completely
exhausted, I told Peter we had a “smoking chirp detector” and I thought it was my funniest spoonerism ever. Later in the weekend, I did completely replace the battery when the chirping continued.
I am out of boxes to unpack! However, we have more books than shelves and I have a few crates, mostly with school-related supplies, to organize. Madilynn found The Art of War and began “reading” it and carrying around the house. Later, I found the cover ripped off, so maybe she doesn’t need any guidance in this area.
We continue to deal with a very bad attitude in our formerly sweet and fairly compliant Sonshine. Most requests are met with, “I wanna do what I wanna do!” and even an occasional, “I hate (whatever we’ve said to do) and I hate you!” Unfortunately, the bad choices seem to also be influencing the already stronger-willed Madilynn. They both only seem happy if some form of technology is going. I do realize the irony, that I’m sitting here typing this and telling them they need a break. I do limit my own screen time though they may not see it that way.