Faith and Philosophy

I do my very best to live as Christ-like a life as possible.

When I align myself with Christ and Scripture, I cannot be wrong.

I choose to share my life with other believers. In doing so, my burdens are lessened and joys are multiplied.

Opening up and trusting others is difficult, but it is so much more painful to go through life alone.

When others pray with and for you, and when you pray with and for others, a great weight is lifted. The power of prayer is both felt and seen.

I admit to harboring a grudge and keeping a record of wrongs. This is an area on which I need to focus on improving. Forgiveness means letting it all go and giving the situation to God.

I am very opinionated. I have been guilty of hasty judgments. I choose to leave the judging to The Judge. However, we are are told not to turn a blind eye to sin. The measuring stick used must be Scripture. In confronting another’s sin, I am not saying I am perfect or better. I am following Christ’s example and saying, “Go forth and sin no longer.” (John 8:11)

I do not like the idea of a person “deserving” anything, whether good or bad. We make choices and must live with the consequences. Sometimes we face consequences due to the choices of others. Life has not been “fair” since sin entered the world. I, for one, hope we never get what we deserve (For the wages of sin is death. Romans 6:23). It has been said that “Justice is getting what you deserve. Mercy is not getting what you deserve. Grace is getting what you do not deserve.”

I am human. I mess up. I fall short.

I sometimes rely on my own strength, intelligence, and talent, forgetting to give credit to God for blessing me so richly.

I cannot fix what I do not know is broken.

I cannot make anyone like or get to know me.

I am not responsible for the choices of another person.

I do not deliberately draw attention to myself or seek out dramatic situations.

I tend to cut off sources of repeated, unresolved, constant crisis due to the exhausting nature of such drama.

I try to see every side of a story and gather all the facts before saying anything. I usually wait for an invitation to give my input, even though, as stated above, I do not like being sucked into dramatic situations.

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