A Productive Day is Measured in the Eyes of a FitBit

I am tired today, y’all! For a while, I felt like I really hadn’t accomplished much, but here at the end of the day, my FitBit tells me I have 13,795 steps! I can see an end in sight with the unpacking and organizing in the living/dining room area. We have at least two or three more trips to Goodwill in our future. I’m not feeling the rewards for my labor yet, but I know that day is coming.
I do get small doses of joy though, even through this mess of a move. When we unwrapped the Shrank parts, Dietrich made himself a little house. He said it would keep him safe from the tornadoes. We said probably not. He was pretty cute though. This playing in the paper reminded me of a move six years ago:
Tonight when I tucked Dietrich into bed, I made sure to apologize for my recent bad attitude. Stressed out isn’t an excuse to be
unkind. He forgave me and said I’m still the best mommy ever. We’re working on his room tomorrow morning. I hope it proves to be a good distraction and special time for him – and that his sister doesn’t cause much “confusion and delay” as Sir Topham Hatt would say. We will do her room second, then clean up the upstairs bathroom. Once they are really settled, I think things will start to go more smoothly around here.