A Library of Friends

I’ve been thinking more and more about how people crave genuine connection. Everyone has a unique story and everyone wants to be heard. Maybe some of our covers are more enticing than others, drawing people to us. Maybe some of our covers are worn and frayed, needing gentle care. Regardless, as the Doctor says, “We’re all just stories in the end. Make it a good one, eh?”

My education and work before becoming a wife and mom was in social work. Even before studying in this field, I loved hearing people’s stories. I imagined what people were doing, thinking, and feeling as I observed them in passing (as in “people watching” at a mall or restaurant). Who are they? What do they like? Are they happy?

Some of us are loud, even oversharing at times. No one has to pick up a book that’s screaming at them…. or do they?
Others seem cold and standoffish, barely saying a few words when we meet them. No one wants a book that tedious…. do they?

Still others fall somewhere in-between. No matter which one you are, you don’t want to be judged for your cover. To be heard, be sure you are also ready to listen.

Motherly Advice

Mother’s often tell their young children to

  • listen more than you talk,
  • not everyone wants advice,
  • don’t interrupt when someone else is speaking, and
  • not everything you hear is yours to repeat

Treasure another person’s story like a beautiful gift, a rare and valuable object. A person’s story is not a tool for personal gain through slander, gossip, or a bargaining chip for self-promotion. Instead, encourage the person, walking with them in their journey. Rejoice with them in victories, weep with them in the valleys. Offering advice should never sound like, “If I were you…” or “I told you so.”

A Kindly Gift

You don’t know how far one single act of kindness or gratitude will travel. Every action creates a response. What will the result of your words or attitude be?

Just as the 11th Doctor closed his story, the 12th offered parting words to himself (or herself?).

Never be cruel, never be cowardly. Remember – hate is always foolish…and love, is always wise. Always try, to be nice and never fail to be kind.

the Twelfth Doctor