A is for Antfarm; a homeschool snack

Some days, Dietrich takes his time printing one letter, then making crazy sounds and dancing around, then doing another letter, followed by crazy crayon antics. I’m equally amused and frustrated. In some ways, Dietrich seems older, so remembering he is only six can be a challenge. On the other hand, he just got up from his school work to turn off the dryer (German ones do not have an automatic shut off and will keep “fluffing” every few minutes until you turn off the appliance). Maybe he has a hard time with writing, but he can already do his own laundry, start to finish!

Dietrich enjoys learning about things and discovering the world around him. He also likes snack time. This week we’re learning about ants. I found a very similar idea to this “ant farm” snack through Pinterest, but I adapted it to make it allergy friendly for Dietrich. Chocolate pudding, coarsely ground graham crackers, and chocolate sprinkle “ants” layered and served in a clear container to show the basic structure of an ant farm.