Training in Math

Dietrich is an intelligent boy, often showing eidetic memory. He is able to remember things from age two and three. He grasps some big concepts, has a large vocabulary, and surprises us daily.


usually, I write everything for him and he copies. today, I wanted to see how he would do on his own

Dietrich is also “typical” in that he doesn’t like school, doing schoolwork, and especially doesn’t want to do math. As the teacher, I try not to take this personally. As the mommy, I try to enforce that he will need these basic skills for the rest of his life. As a homeschooler, I emphasize that he isn’t having to do as much “school time” as other kids – if he will only focus and get the work done.

Today, I decided to try something new, something to engage his brain while also teaching math. I used something he loves – trains and building tracks – to reinforce basic number families. Even though Dietrich still used his fingers to count and suffered from lack of focus, he enjoyed this new way to do math.

I may have to “train” him in every subject this way for a while, but tomorrow, we may have to build a snowman.