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Small Changes Save Lives

About five years ago, we learned the cause of our son’s violent rejection of many meals: an egg allergy. Many changes occurred in our home. Everything about the way food was prepared changed. I read every label, sometimes two or three times in the store and again at home. I became brand loyal out ofRead More

manic Monday

The New Parent Trap

Confession: I am judgmental. I see often see things in black and white, with little wiggle room between right and wrong. I “call ’em like I see ’em” sometimes without regard for the feelings of others. I am quick-tempered, think justice should be swift and thorough, and that those who continuously make bad choices shouldRead More




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the days are long but the years are fast

SQT: Long Days of Hopping, Cleaning, and Making Memories

I’ve had a week full of long days. Or almost eight months worth… Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Fall 2008 Transitions are full of complications. The rescheduling (or unscheduling?) of our original moving plans aside, other things also seem to be working against us. Because the kids are both growing, and both fiercely independent, the powerRead More

1 word link up

Fast Paced Loud Voices

This week I’m linking up with other bloggers for One Word Wednesday. The words this week are Voices and Fast. Both words have so much relevance in my life these days. Raising children is LOUD and HIGH SPEED. They MOVE and TALK incessantly. From the moment they wake up, they CHATTER and CLIMB, until theyRead More