It Could be Worse

This week, I realized I have been doing more complaining than counting my blessings during this challenging month. Though many items were damaged in our pack-out and we wait on the claims process, it could have been worse. While our belongings sat in military storage for seven months, we did not really think about them or worry that anything would happen. I recently heard of a family who had belongings in storage for longer. The government decided to tear down those storage units while their items were still there. I’ve heard of entire crates and personal vehicle falling into the ocean during transport. One friend of a friend had orders for sunny Hawaii. They got rid of all of their winter clothes before their household goods were shipped. After the shipment left, their orders were changed to Alaska.
507e4fntspo0dq82vvuoetyl5odhn3hiI decided to reframe my thinking, as I remembered these stories from other military families. Then as I often do, I thought of other ways things could be worse. We were blessed to stay rent free with my father-in-law during the time between my husband’s military discharge and new civilian employment. As a result, we still have a small emergency fund. We moved into a much smaller place than we lived in before, but we are all together with a roof over our heads. Maybe the apartment isn’t ideal and has some issues that go with older living quarters, but some people don’t have this much. We’ve had enough to get rid of several boxes and trash bags full of things we don’t need, use, or want any more. Even after that, we likely still have too much stuff.


I am hopeful I can turn my attitude around, along with the tune of the household. June has been long with our worst move ever, a funeral, and helping the kids adjust to a new place. The day is often filled with impatience, disobedience, and stubbornness, leaving me feeling battle worn. Sometimes sweet, funny, encouraging moments happen, but lately that hasn’t been the case. Going into a new week and new month, I want to shift to more positive interactions, more exploration and activity, and strengthening the harmony of our home.