Happy birthday, Sunshine!

Darling Dietrich,
Since the moment we found out about you, you have filled my days with joy.
Around that time, Daddy received his first deployment orders – for fifteen months.
From that time, you have been a brightness in all the dark times.
Taking care of you kept me busy.
Watching you grow and learn new things thrilled me beyond imagination.
Your smile lights up every moment.
I rely on you, more than you know.
You’ve been with me through three deployments, numerous TDYs, FTXs, and other acronymns.
You keep me grounded and focused on today and the task at hand.
You’ve kept me from wallowing in grief.
Your brilliance was most evident after we moved to Germany and I had a miscarriage.
You are so much like me and sometimes that causes tension.
Other times, it brings more laughter and silliness than one person should be allowed in one lifetime.
When you became a big brother, you continued to illuminate the world around you.
Your baby sister adores you. I love how much you love her.
This first six years has been amazing. I pray that you continue to be as loving throughout your life.
I pray that you always want to learn, help others, and have fun doing so.
I love you, sunshine!
Some of my favorites. Dietrich at hours old, three days old (Father’s day, 2008), First birthday, near second birthday, near third birthday, and just after he turned four (in Germany at Burg Nanstein).
Favorites of Dietrich, from the top, going clockwise: 5th birthday, July 2014 watching the USO Sesame Street Live show – his face seeing Elmo in person, cranking ice cream at home fellowship at the Harris’, fire station/truck tour from Shane, chillin’ in October, meeting Keith Lancaster at the Euro American Retreat, Christmas, Family photos by Amy, February and Fasching dressed as Luigi, monkeying around, outside the woodcarver’s shop in Austria, Mirabelle Gardens in Salzburg, 6th birthday at Thomas Land