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Through the Mystery of Uncertainty, Just Breathe

I think too much. I ruminate. Worry. Obsess even, at times. I have an arsenal of Scripture for comfort, calming or to confront the lies behind the fears during these times. Unfortunately, my children seem to possess many of my anxious tendencies. Daily, I remind my seven-year-old that he does not need to worry aboutRead More

God's plan-



Three Years

Three years ago… We left friends, family, and the familiarity of life in the U.S. We arrived in Germany, in the rain. We were expecting a baby, a baby we would never hold. Two years ago… We welcomed Madilynn into our home and our hearts. Peter took leave from his assignment in Turkey, only to onceRead More


God's plan-

God's promises-

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It’s Friday Now, but Sunday’s Coming.

A friend of mine had two “way back time machine” status updates this past weekend, focusing on the Story behind Easter. Each of these posts created vivid images with overwhelming emotions. Some of these thoughts I’ve had myself, but not as eloquently stated. Here is the first, fixing ones thoughts on crucifixion Friday: It’sRead More