C is for Castle: Update on our Homeschool

One great thing about living in Germany, when you talk about castles for homeschool, you can GO to an actual castle!

Burg Lichtenberg

We invited friends to go explore this ruin, about an hour drive from our house (about 40 miles with lots of narrow winding roads). The German language has two words for castle: “Burg” which is a fortress (stronghold, defense) and “schloss” which is a royal palace. We’ve been blessed with opportunities to visit both.

Some days, the school work is accomplished with relative ease, minimal trips to the bathroom, reasonable amounts of pencil sharpening, and done correctly the first time. Other days are filled with more whirring of the pencil sharpener, lots of talking about everything that isn’t school work, a trip to the bathroom every five minutes, and I have to be right next to Dietrich with every part of his work for him to do it right. (Obviously the challenge comes because his sister is four years younger and needs attention, too. Her response to being left out: tearing things up – i.e. taking all DVDs, books, clothes, toys, etc. out of their “homes”).

This castle trip was just the outing my kids needed for their excessive energy. I plan to get much more fun in our “work” with the limited time we have remaining in Germany.

Also this week, we learned about Clouds and made rain in a jar and a tornado¬†when we talked about Jesus Calming the storm. Dietrich aced his first spelling test, mastered greater than/less than, and continues to do well with reading. For the most part, he’s an active, impatient six-year-old boy – so “normal” – which is the source of many of our challenges.