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Toddler Tuesday

Toddler Tuesdays: The Frustrating, The Silly, and The Thing That Makes It Worth the Trouble

Frustrating The past few weeks, bedtime has become a challenge of Olympic proportions. (Maybe I slightly exaggerate). At Grandpa’s house, the kids share a room. This has progressively increased in its problematic possibilities as Madilynn has acquired a greater assertiveness in her independence. For anyone not following along in our journey:Read More

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songs in the psalms

Lessons in the the Middle of Psalms

I fell behind on my Daily Bible Reading during my running away and took a little while to catch up (especially after an urgent care visit for D’s asthma). Truthfully, the daunting task of catching up seemed overwhelming when my stopping point in the Psalm-a-day portion of my reading landed on the longest psalm. Once I “got over it”,Read More